What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

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Check engine lightYour vehicle diagnostics are revealed through the check engine light. There are many things that an illuminated check engine light could mean. Are you wondering “what does my check engine light mean?” We can answer your question. Come see our experts today!

What it Means

Your check engine light will either blink or remain consistently illuminated. There are many things that a check engine light could mean—but don’t worry—it does not always mean a serious issue.

If the light is consistently lit up, then that means you don’t have to worry about an emergency. It does mean that a technician should be seen as soon as possible, however.

When the light blinks, that means there is an urgent issue. You should see a technician immediately. It is likely that unburned fuel is entering the exhaust system, which will ruin the catalytic converter—a costly repair.

What You Can Do

In the meantime, you can check your oil pressure and see if the car is overheating.

If the engine light is blinking, reduce the power in your car. We recommend taking it to a professional technician immediately. If you are towing, then try to reduce the load of items you have with you. The longer you haul, the more damage you will cause in your car.

A simple fix is typically tightening the gas cap (if the light is not blinking).

As a safety measure, check your engine to see if any hoses or belts are corroded. It is also a good idea to check the state of your battery with a pro. Another essential step is to make sure your car isn’t emitting fumes and harsh smoke.

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