Spark Plug Warning Signs

October 20th, 2016 by

two spark plugsWith a new season it’s time to check your vehicle to see if it is in need of routine maintenance. Part of  a maintenance plan includes changing out your spark plugs. There are some spark plug warning signs you should keep an eye out for, but don’t fret; these are common issues that require an easy and cost-friendly fix. Find out more from our service experts of Harmony Acura! Contact us online to book your appointment at your convenience.

Engine Misfire

Do you hear the engine misfiring and stumbling? An engine misfire is a sensation that is instantly recognizable. The engine will seem to stumble briefly before it goes back to its normal pacing. If your engine frequently misfires, then you may have a bigger issues at hand. Not taking care of engine misfires will raise more issues like emissions from the exhaust and lower fuel numbers. It will also lead to overheating and damage to the catalytic converter. Because unburned gasoline is likely to happen, then there is typically blockage in the exhaust. It’s easiest to change up the spark plug.

Higher Fuel Consumption

Another common spark plug warning sign is when you are noticing the reduced fuel economy of your car. Fresh spark plugs will stabilize fuel economy numbers. When the spark plugs are declining they will prevent the gas from combusting properly.

Poor Acceleration

When you hear and feel less acceleration, this could be a big giveaway that new spark plugs are needed. If you’re touching the gas pedal and noticing a late response, then that means the spark plug needs replacement. Your vehicle will think that the engine is working too hard and deliver you a poor response.

Visit the Harmony Acura Service Department

Come in to Harmony Acura for all of your Acura service needs. If it seems like your vehicle is not acting like it normally does, then come in to our service department. We can answer any questions. Our service department even has a savings card for your future visits like 10% off in service, parts, and accessories. If you notice any of these spark plug warning signs, see us today!

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