Enjoy Safe Cellphone Use in Your Acura With Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

January 12th, 2016 by

Steering ColumnNever again will Acura drivers need to hold their mobile phones while behind the wheel – that is, if they have the new Bluetooth HandsFreeLink.

This ingenious system helps bridge the gap between a driver’s desire for safety and a driver’s need for connectivity. The two have finally met in this convenient, easy-to-use system, and motorists will no longer need to compromise when it comes to safety considerations versus communication needs.

How It Works

A smarter way to simultaneously operate a vehicle and a phone, HandsFreeLink employs Bluetooth wireless technology. The system transfers information about incoming calls to a display – if your vehicle is equipped – so drivers can safely view the call details.

At the driver’s command, voice command technology dials phone numbers and calls contacts stored in the HandsFreeLink system and can even direct-dial locations stored in your navigation system. The result is safer driving for motorists, who can operate their phones without taking their eyes off the road.

Getting Set Up

Once your Bluetooth-enabled wireless device is programmed and linked to the HandsFreeLink interface, you can make, receive, and transfer calls from your mobile phone without driving interruption.

As long as your phone is inside the vehicle’s cabin, phone numbers are displayed, the phone will respond to voice activation, and you’ll hear the caller’s voice through your car’s audio system.

HandsFreeLink operates in either English or French and can integrate up to six different compatible phones, making your Acura a veritable connectivity hub.

It’s easy to set up your compatible mobile phone with HandsFreeLink. On the Acura website, simply look up your phone and, if it’s a compatible mobile device, you will be given instructions for connecting it.

Advanced Features

HandsFreeLink includes various easy-to-use advanced features for ultimate convenience and connectivity, including:

  • Call waiting
  • Calling points of interest in your navigation system
  • Phone book that holds up to 1,000 names and 10,000 phone numbers

Get Connected

Drivers can find out more about Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and explore high-quality Acuras equipped with this innovative technology at Harmony Acura. Come in or contact us today to browse our well-stocked selection of reliable vehicles.

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