Muffler Warning Signs

October 12th, 2016 by

Car repairYour car’s exhaust system is dependent on a muffler; it is not just meant to reduce the sounds from the exhaust. Regular maintenance on your muffler is essential, and ensuring its wellness can save you from costly problems in the future. Take note of the warning signs, and then come in to our service department at Harmony Acura.

Boisterous Racket

If you are noticing that your car is making more sound than usual, then you shouldn’t ignore that. Sometimes this can be equivalent to a “roaring” sound. Part of the muffler’s job is reduce sound, so this could be a big giveaway for maintenance attention. Bring in your vehicle to our mechanics for a checkup if this is the case.

The Smell of Fumes

Fumes lead to an uncomfortable scent, and they are extremely dangerous. If you are smelling fumes while in the cabin, then you need to visit our service drive at your first free moment. It is likely that the exhaust is leaking, and this can have a fatal result if not handled properly.

Noticeably Lower Fuel Economy Kilometers

When the exhaust system is tuned, then you will notice great fuel economy numbers. A drastic change in how often you are filling the tank can point to a defective muffler. Sometimes this could be because you’re driving more than usual or your driving style is different, but if nothing has changed, bring in your vehicle. Regardless, a car with timely oil changes and new spark plugs does not normally change fuel economy figures. When you rule out those possibilities, it usually means the muffler needs assistance.

Don’t Fret; We’re Here to Help

None of these issues are hard to fix for us at Harmony Acura. We do recommend bringing in your vehicle for maintenance if you have any of the above warning signs. Don’t let these problems add up, as it can turn into further damage. Remember that everything is connected in your vehicle. Contact us online if you have any questions. We are here to bring you a convenient experience!

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