How to Keep a Well-Tuned Engine: Improve Engine Performance

May 20th, 2016 by

Acura NSX engineTo increase car performance, we recommend these easy tips for a well-tuned engine. Each vehicle requires varying care, which is why we always recommend reading your car’s owner’s manual. If you think something is off with your engine, then bring it to our experts at Harmony Acura for a closer look. In the meantime, read these tips to improve engine performance for your car.

Things to Look For

When something is wrong with your car, the engine is often the first place to look. Not all issues are serious, and there are certain things to keep an eye out for to maintain the engine.

  • Recently notice a loss of power and engine stalling? A simple fix like replacing a spark plug or changing the air filter can do just the trick.

  • Hear the engine make a “knocking” sound? The last fuel up may have had too many carbon deposits, and perhaps it doesn’t have the standard for carbon cleaning detergent. Fuel up at a different location the next time.

  • Notice a decrease in fuel economy? Your engine may not be performing at peak efficiency. This is a common sign that you need to keep up with maintenance—an easy fix. Your car may need an oil change soon and overall inspection; if you just had an oil change, then consider the climate you live in. Colder climates and temperature drops can lead to temporarily lower fuel economy figures.

Harmony Acura Service Center

The Harmony Acura service center is a full-service department. We take on anything from maintenance to tough repair jobs. Our trained techs are committed to bringing you quality work and improving engine performance. If your “check engine” light is on, it may be time for a visit. Book your appointment online or call us today.

Keep up With Your Engine at Harmony Acura

Is your car’s engine acting differently? Harmony Acura is your stop to improve car performance and improve engine performance as soon as today. Let us bring you quality customer care through a state-of-the-art service shop. Contact us online about any questions.

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