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Get professional and courteous services for Acura financing in Kelowna at Harmony Acura today, and see why our motto is Happy Customers! For a car loan for your Acura, car credit from Harmony Acura is the answer. Apply for credit online for maximum convenience.


Honda Canada Finance Inc. is pleased to announce a new standard of excellence in automotive financial services, through the introduction of Acura Financial Services, available in Kelowna at Harmony Acura now.

Driving a luxury vehicle should go beyond exhilarating engineering and amenities. That’s why we are committed to giving you an ownership experience that is rewarding and worry-free.

As Acura’s dedicated finance company, Acura Financial Services will provide unique customer experience offerings, including:

  • Dedicated client care toll-free number, available in English and French
  • Exclusive loyalty offers and vehicle extended warranty programs
  • Access to the My Finance section of, for convenient and easy access to managing banking and payment information
  • Exclusive access to offers and contests from valued partners

A perfect complement to the advanced modern luxury of your new Acura vehicle, Acura Financial Services is strategically positioned to assist you with your vehicle financing needs. Whether you lease or purchase your next generation of Acura, remember we are here to provide smart financing options for your luxury vehicle.


If you enjoy driving a new vehicle every two to four years, want lower monthly payments and to be protected under warranty, drive an average number of kilometres, and can properly maintain your vehicle, then you should consider lease as an option.

As a lease customer, you pay only a portion of a vehicle’s cost, which is the part that you “use up” during the time you’re driving it and you pay taxes only on your monthly payments vs. the full vehicle price. Signing a leasing contract means that you agree to make regular monthly payments, keep appropriate insurance, pay any vehicle taxes and licensing fees, and take good care of the vehicle for the duration of your contract.


If you like the idea of having ownership of your vehicle, prefer paying off your loan, and don’t like the risk of possible lease end charges, then you should consider finance as an option.

As a finance customer, throughout the term of your finance contract, your payments will consist of part principal and part finance charges. Each payment you make increases the amount of equity you’ve built up in your vehicle.

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