Fall Car Care Tips from Harmony Acura

August 18th, 2016 by

2017 MDXHarmony Acura is getting ready for the next season. Our service center welcomes you to come to our dealership to take care of essential maintenance and services needed for autumn. Follow our fall car care tips, and then come in to see an expert today.

Care Tips

Below are services you or an expert at Harmony Acura should do to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly as the seasons change:

Check Fluids

Open the hood and take a look at the fluids. If things are starting to look low, then top them off—this includes coolant and washer fluid. Some vehicles require a particular mixture of coolant, which our mechanics can handle for you during a maintenance check up.

Examine Your Spare

Has it been awhile since you looked at the spare tire in your trunk? We recommend checking the tire pressure in the spare and examining it for punctures and other dents. It is also important to note its tread as well. Our mechanics would be happy to check it out and ensure it’s safe enough for the fall season.

Examine the Battery

Your battery should undergo regular checks and inspections. If you see some debris and corrosion happening on the cords, then come to our parts department to pick up the right tool needed to clean the battery for a clear connection.

Air Filter Check

When was the last time you changed the air filter in your vehicle? This should be done about two times per year. If you can’t remember the last change, then come to our dealership and let us handle it. We also sell filters in our parts department for those who are handy.

Wiper Blade Change

A new season means it’s time for new wiper blades. Summer can dry out the wiper blades from the warm and bright sun. Start off the fall season with fresh and new blades that can handle leaves and rainy days.

Service From Harmony Acura

Our expert mechanics know how to take care of everything from maintenance to essential and time-sensitive repairs. Let us top of the fluids in your Acura, change the wipers, check the batteries, change the oil, examine your tires, and much more. We are here to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for the fall season. Our fall car care tips are just one step—come complete your check list today! Contact us online today to book your appointment.

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