How to Pair a Phone to the Acura MDX Bluetooth

Acura MDX

The Bluetooth technology inside the Acura MDX gives you the freedom to communicate in so many ways. Your phone essentially becomes part of your vehicle, allowing you to safely multitask on the road. Drivers can talk on the phone, send texts, and even ask for directions without losing focus on the drive. Everything is hands-free, so your eyes never have to leave the road.

The Power of Acura MDX Bluetooth

Every MDX comes with Bluetooth technology, and that means the power contained in HandsFreeLink™ is right at your fingertips. These capabilities enable complete smartphone communication, plus streaming audio and more. Thanks to the built-in compatibility with Siri Eyes Free®, you can access Siri directly with your voice or the display screen. If you choose the Technology Package, you also get the Acura Navigation System, which provides bilingual voice recognition when prompted for directions.

How to Pair a Phone to the MDX

Setting up Bluetooth in the MDX is not difficult or time-consuming. And, you only have to do it once! Simply follow these steps to pair your device to the MDX, and you’re on your way. Your vehicle must be stopped before starting the pairing process. Utilize the interface dials to make your selections.

  • Press SETTINGS button, and select “Phone Settings.”
  • Select “Bluetooth Device List.”
  • Select “Add Bluetooth Device.”
  • Your phone should be in Discovery Mode, and HandsFreeLink will search for your phone.
  • Select your phone when it appears.
  • If you cannot find your phone from the list, select “Device Not Found.” Then search for HandsFreeLink from your device.
  • HandsFreeLink will provide a six-digit code. Check it against the code that shows on your phone.
  • Connect to HandsFreeLink from your phone, and select “On” to permit Phone Synchronization to import your call history and contact list.


Get Connected

Acura MDX Bluetooth opens your world to more people, more places, and more information. Think about everything you can do to use your commute more effectively, while staying safe at the same time. See the Acura MDX and all its technology in person at Harmony Acura. Our dealership is your one-stop-shop to get all the information you need about the MDX and Bluetooth integration.


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