120 Points Inspection

120 Points Inspection Harmony Honda 

Listed below are the 120 checkpoints. Only vehicles that pass all 120 checkpoints can be sold at Harmony Honda.

Driving Test

1. Starting Cold/Hot
2. Engine Idle Quality
3. Engine Performance/Smooth Acceleration
4. Engine Noise (Cold/Hot and High/Low Speeds)
5. Automatic Transmission/Transaccelerator Noise (Cold/Hot)
6. Automatic Transmission Shift Points/Slippage (Operational/Smooth/Proper Shift Points/Check at all shift points)
7. Shift Interlock (Operation)
8. Drive accelerator and Transfer Case Bearings or Gear Noise/Vibration (Adjust or Replace)
9. Transfer case (Proper switch between 2WD and 4WD)
10. Clutch Operation (Smooth Engagement/Slippage/Chatter)
11. Steering/Rack and Pinion/Steering Linkage Performance (Steering Wheel Free Play/Center Steering/Response/Smoothness)
12. Brakes/ABS (Effectiveness/Operation/Noise/No Pulling or Pulsating)
      Note: ABS may pulsate under hard application which indicates proper operation.
13. Cruise control operation (Including Resume)
14. Gauge/Speedometer/Tachometer/Odometer (Operation)
15. Body/Suspension (Performance/Noise/Rough Road Test)



16. Frame Inspection (check for repairs, damage, abnormal tire wear, inability to obtain proper alignment specifications.) Note: Overall vehicle inspection should take place at this point for rust and damage due to some natural disaster. Look under carpet in trunk, interior and under dash for flood damage.
17. Body Panels (check for damage, dings, dents, alignment, mismatched paint and overall paint condition.)
18. Bumpers/Fascia (check for damage, alignment and improper repairs.) Note: Slightly mismatched paint is fairly common on some vehicles with plastic bumpers.
19. Doors/Hood/Trunk/Tailgate (check release mechanisms manual/automatic, hinges, alignment and proper attaching devices.) Note: Bolts and over spray are indications of damage repairs. Grill/Trim/Molding/Roof Rack (check for bends, dings, parts missing and proper attachment.)

Glass/Mirror/Wiper and Washer Condition

21. Windshield (Damaged, pitted, repaired, wiper marks, cracked)
22. Side/Rear Windows (Damaged, pitted, repaired, cracked)
23. Mirrors (Condition of mirror, hinge, operation)
24. Wipers (Condition of mechanism/blade)
25. Wipers (Operation/Speeds/Delay)
26. Washer (Fluid Level/Spray Pattern)

Exterior Lights

27. Head Lights, High/Low Beams (Alignment/Lens Condition/Operation)
28. Tail Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)
29. Brake Lights/High Mount Brake Light (Lens Condition/Operation)
30. Parking Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)
31. Hazard Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)
32. Reverse Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)
33. Turn Signal/Side Marker Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)
34. License Plate Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)
35. Fog/Driving Lights (Lens Condition/Operation)


Air Bag/Seat Belts

36. Seat Belts (Condition/Operation)
37. Air Bag (Exterior Condition/Intact/No Codes/Dash Light Operation) Note: When inspecting the air bag system, look carefully at the steering wheel for abnormal wear (could indicate vehicle has been repaired and a used steering wheel and air bag has been used).

Audio/Alarm Systems

42. Audio System – Radio, Cassette, CD, Speakers (Condition/Operation)
43. Antenna (Condition/Operation)
44. Navigation System (Operation)
45. Alarm/Theft Deterrent System (Condition/Operation)

Interior Amenities

46. Clock (Condition/Operation)
47. Horn (Condition/Operation)
48. Lighter/Power Outlet(s) (Condition/Operation)
49. Ashtray (Condition/Operation)
50. Glove Box/Glove Box Light/Center Armrest/Console (Condition/Operation)
51. Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel (Operation)
52. Steering Wheel Lock (Operation)
53. Mirrors/Rear View (Condition/Operation)
54. Instrument Panel/Lights and Warning Lights (Condition/Operation/Bulb Check)
55. Warning Chimes (Operation)
56. Interior Courtesy/Dome/Map Lights (Operation)
57. Fuel Filler Door Release (Operation)
58. Interior Door Handle (Operation)

Interior Trim/Carpet/Floor Mats

59. Carpet (Condition/Appearance)
60. Floor Mats (Condition/Appearance)
61. Door Trim/Panels (Condition/Appearance/Attachment)
62. Headliner (Condition/Appearance)
63. Sun Visors (Condition/Appearance/Vanity Mirror and Light)

Luggage Compartment/Trunk/Truck Bed

64. Luggage Compartment Mat/Trim/Carpet/Cargo Net (Condition)
65. Luggage Compartment Light (Operation)
66. Jack/Tools (Condition)


67. Seat Upholstery (Condition/Worn/Ripped/Cracked/Faded)
68. Seat/Headrest Adjustments (Manual/Automatic Operation)
69. Heated Seat (Operation)

Sunroof/Moonroof/Convertible Top

70. Sunroof/Moonroof (Condition/Operation)
71. Convertible Top (Condition/Operation/Rear Window and Zipper Operation)
72. Convertible Top Boot (Condition)

Window/Door Lock Operation

73. Door Locks/Controls (Manual/Automatic Operation)
74. Child Safety Locks (Operation)
75. Windows/Controls (Manual/Automatic Operation, Locks)


Engine Mechanical Condition

76. Fluid Leakages (Record where and what is leaking)
77. Oil in Air Cleaner (Can indicate excessive blow by or faulty PCV system)
78. Water in Oil (Check underside of oil filler cap)
79. Inspect Timing Belt (Condition: Change per maintenance schedule)
80. Fluids (Condition/Levels)
81. Belts (Condition)
82. Hoses (Condition)
83. Wiring (Condition)
84. Engine Mounts (Condition)

Cooling System

85. Hoses (Condition)
86. Coolant (Condition/Level/Leaks/Freeze Point/Voltage – Corrosion)
87. Radiator (Condition/Pressure Checked/Tube/Fins)
88. Cooling Fan/Fan Clutch/Fan Motor (Condition/Operation/Auxiliary Fan Operation
89. Water Pump (Noise/Leaks)
90. Pressure Test Cap/System
91. Recovery Tank (Condition/Fluid Level/Sensor Operation)
92. Belts (Condition/Cracks/Glazed/Frayed/Proper Adjustment)

Fuel System

93. Fuel Pump Noise/External Fuel Pump Leakage
94. Fuel Lines/Hoses (Leaks/Condition)
95. Fuel Filter (Condition/Replace per Maintenance Schedule
96. Air Filter (Condition/Replace per Maintenance Schedule)

Electrical System

97. Starter Operation
98. Alternator/Charging
99. Ignition System (Operation)
100. Battery (Condition/Fluid/Level/Load Test)
101. Check Pre-Glow System (Diesel)

Exhaust System

105. Transmission System (Condition)
106. Automatic Transmission/Transaccelerator Fluids (Condition/Level/Leaks/Fill or Change Oil and Filters)
107. Manual Transmission/Drive accelerator/Transfer Case Fluids (Condition/Level/Leaks/Fill or Change Oil)
108. Transmission Mounts (Condition/Cracked/Oil Soaked/Broken/Replace Worn Mounts)
109. Universal Joints/CV Joints/Boots (Condition)
110. Differential/Drive accelerators (Condition/Leaks/Damage)
111. Clutch (Adjustment/Fluid Level)


112. Fluid (Condition/Level/Leaks/Top off as necessary)
113. Rack and Pinion/Steering Linkage (Condition/Leaks/Boots)
114. Power Steering Pump and Hoses (Leaks/Noise/Operation)
115. Suspension System/Control Arms/Ball Joints/Bushings (Condition)
116. Tie Rods and Idler Arm (Operational to Factory Specifications)
117. Springs (Vehicle Ride Height/Check for Spring Sag)
118. Struts/Shocks (Leakage/Bounce Test)


119. Brake Fluid (Level/Condition/Top Off as Necessary)
120. Pads/Shoes (Condition/Wear/% Remaining/Replace Linings if Necessary)